Meet the Drennens from The Pumpkin Kingdom Rex & Vivian Drennen of rural Southern Wells County began raising pumpkins in the Spring of 1999 with the support of Rex's parents, Warren & Edith Drennen, on the family farm. The operation began by selling pumpkins out of the front yards of their homes as well as a few family members and friends. Occasional stands would be set up on Saturdays at town locations. Rex also began to develop some wholesale accounts to whom he supplied pumpkins. In 2001 the tours of the Pumpkin Farm began. It started out in Warren's yard and featured what is stilloffered today, on a basic setup. The tours were a lot of work (with three small children to manage), so in 2002 Rex &Vivian established their home and barn on the farm. The tours then began from the gray farm stand porch and continue around the farm.

The Drennen's try to improve the tour each year and modify the experience depending on weather related conditions for the year. "It is very rewarding to see friends and family, who have been with us from the beginning, come out and observe the development of the pumpkin operation. We feel God has blessed us and guided us to this 'God Destiny' of working in agriculture and sharing the wonders He has given us with others."

Rex and Vivian Drennen have a busy family with four children: Vanessa, Vince, Vaughn and Valiant. The children enjoy assisting in the pumpkin operation by selling on the farm stand and giving tours.

Warren and Edith Drennen (Rex's parents) have been vital supporters and side-by-side workers on the farm since Rex got the 'pumpkin idea.' They've planted, weeded, sprayed, harvested, babysat & in general toiled, right beside Rex & Vivian each year. Without them the pumpkin operation would not exist. Make sure you say "Hi" to them when you come and visit. Warren usually drives the tractor for the wagon ride and Edith is usually helping on the farm stand.