The Drennen Family seeks to follow the example of Jesus Christ in their lives.  Although far from perfect, they realize the Christian life is one where God is continually guiding, pruning and growing them to become more like our perfect example Jesus.  They have come to the point where they are seeking to walk the walk, not just talk the talk.  Their aim is to glorify God and shine for Him.

To shine for Him, God has inspired the Pumpkin Kingdom as a place that sets itself for His use in following the words of Jesus in the Lord's Prayer, "Thy Kingdom come, Thy Will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven."  The Drennens have yielded their land to be a place where God can build His Kingdom on the earth.  They seek to provide an atmosphere where Christ is honored in a season where a message of darkness often prevails (Halloween).  They provide an non-scary atmosphere where messages from the Bible can be illustrated.

Rex and Vivian believe that when you ask Jesus Christ to come into your heart and wipe away your sin (bad thoughts, habits & actions) that He will take residence in your life.  He will take over areas in your life as you yield to Him and He will set His Kingdom in your heart.  Therefore,  Christians will then want to establish His Kingdom not only inside thier hearts and in their personal lives, but in the physical world they live in too!  In whatever God gives each person to do He will inspire ways to allow them to bring glory and honor to His name and allow the world to understand or come to know Him better.  That is the goal of the Pumpkin Kingdom!

Vivian discovered The Christian Pumpkin on the internet and it has inspired her to create her own story for the symbols of the Christian Pumpkin.  She offers these concepts in an educational Christian lesson available to groups who schedule with her to come to the Pumpkin Kingdom for a tour.  The lesson uses Bible verses and illustrations to understand the Christian life in a new way and how to share the message of Salvation through Jesus Christ with those around us. She invites you to come to the Pumpkin Kingdom to discover another example of the Kingdom of God.

The Pumpkin Kingdom is open on Sundays after church services from 1pm to 5pm, to allow Christian families and groups to spend some enjoyable time together getting to know more about God's Kingdom. Please allow the Drennens the opportunity to enjoy worship at their church and with their own children in their family devotional  "huddle time" before and after the posted hours by honoring these times. It is greatly appreciated!